Hobby Lobby Bullshit

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There’s a huge amount of misinformation liberals are spewing about the Hobby Lobby case.  I call them “blatant lies”.

Among them  is promoting the notion that this is about “restricting access” to “contraception”.

It’s not, but using those buzzwords gins up a lot of sympathy with the low-information crowd thinking that big ‘ol mean corporation is going to take away their free birth control. the fact is that Hobby Lobby has always covered 16 out of the 20 current medicines/methods for birth control. The 4 they don’t are not birth control, they are meant to kill the human life after conception.

But I’m seeing a very disingenuous characterization of Hobby Lobby like it’s some publicly traded Goliath like Berkshire Hathaway or some of George Soros’ portfolio holdings.

No, a corporation is not a person, but, it is people.

In this case, it’s a private, family-owned business, period.

The argument that these people should be forced to materially participate in baby murder is pathetically weak, and, ultimately it was struck down by the same court that somehow upheld obamacare as constitutional. Which, I dare say many many on the left would say makes it “the law of the land”, because a handful of people that made it through law school are infallible and stuff. 

No, it is absolutely unconstitutional. The Constitution grants rights and gives responsibilities.

Hustler magazine is not a person, but yet they are protected under the first amendment.

The bloody baby murder factory, Planned Parenthood, is not a person, yet they are protected under the first amendment.

But private family business are not entitled to protections guaranteed by 1A to be free from a law (obamacare) that forces them to materially participate in an abomination by funding it? Seriously? On what planet?

Things clearly look different through bizzaro-world liberal lenses.

Obamacare is in direct conflict with “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

In fact, forcing any religious individual that believes abortion is a sin to pay obamacare premiums or penalties is a direct violation of said clause.

In regards to Hobby Lobby, I guess some that hold baby murder so near and dear to their hearts may have issues with this, so I offer this humble reminder if the democrat mantra used thousands if not millions of times after 2008. “You lost, get over it.”

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Jim Cantore is feeling the love… NOT!

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Weather guy Jim Cantore isn’t exactly getting the welcome wagon in the Carolinas…


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Cincinnati poll worker cast at least 4 votes for Obama, possibly more.

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Haven’t you heard? Voter fraud does not exist.   Mellowese cast 2 votes for herself. One for her granddaughter, India, who also voted at the polls, one for a woman named Montez that she claims to have power of attorney over and possibly 2 other people. She claims this is absolutely not voter fraud.


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Caught on Camera: Joe Biden says nothing we do will curtail gun violence

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You just have to love Joe. He’s like a Republican double-agent sometimes.

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The Resistance Has Begun

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Full scale non-compliance is the order of the day for these patriots, taking on NY officials threatening penalties for not registering your weapons.

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Ashley Judd for KY

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Ashley Judd fantasizes about replacing U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel as one of Tennessee Kentucky’s 2 Senators. I think this would be a great commercial for her.


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